Why Culture is Important

A person can be easily identified because of his practices. One way to tell the nationality of a person is by checking out his cultural beliefs. Culture is anything that you do on a daily basis that describes you as a person. In short, it’s a way of life that is established on beliefs and values. It can be anything from religion, cuisine, to music. It’s always associated with a country or a group of people.

The importance of culture was recognized since the early centuries. Our forefathers developed practices that would later on differentiate or define them from other societies. As a person, we have our own differences and similarities based on our culture. As Americans, we share the same practices and likes in music with the other Americans. The same thing goes with the people in the East. Japanese and Chinese somehow have similar cultures. Although they aren’t exactly the same, Japan and China have some similarities with their practices. They both use chop sticks while sharing almost the same type of music. This is why they are included in the Eastern culture.

Culture is important because of many reasons. As a person, you have to live your social life to your advantage. It’s quite difficult for any person to succeed in life without sharing similarities with other people. In fact, a successful career can be elusive if you don’t know how to live within a culture.

Serves as a Reminder

Culture is essential as it serves as a reminder to us on where we are from. Without culture, it would be difficult to define a person’s roots. Individuals and groups of people will always remember their origins as long as they have culture. Anyone who’s happy about his culture will definitely love bringing it with him even if he goes abroad. Culture allows people to remember his country and practices even if he has been living in foreign lands. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been to another country as long as you value your culture. Normally, it will allow you to trace back yourself to your roots. Any person who has forgotten things about his origin should look at his practices.

Culture has many ways of reminding a person of his roots. Food and religion are the best reminders. People who are in other countries can still practice their usual habits by eating the same foods and going to a church of the same religion. It doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you still do your practices and beliefs. The same thing goes with social habits. You can still practice them with the people you know. It may look or feel quite awkward, but people will understand. It’s because it’s been your practice for a long period of time. After all, every one of us has his own social habits and practices.

People who are in other countries will feel at home when they practice their culture. Isn’t it heart warming every time you hear people talking in your language? Normally, it makes people feel at home. The same thing is true with cuisine, music, arts, literature, and other common cultural practices.

Overall, anything you do that is practiced in your culture serves as a reminder to who you are and where you are from. Doing so will make you value your origin regardless of your new location.

Allows People to Live in Harmony

People who live in a society with different practices and opinions would find it difficult to live peacefully. However, individuals or groups of people who share the similar views and practices in life can live in harmony. A peaceful community can only be attained if the people share the same practices and beliefs. One way to do so is to have one culture. If not, then there will be chaos all over the place.

Culture allows people to live together and build their own community. Unlike with animals, humans need culture to help them prepare and live for group life. As mentioned above, it’s difficult for any person to live a solitary life. Aside from the fact that it’s quite difficult to become successful with your career, it’s important in regulating his conduct when it comes to living within a group of people. Without culture, it would even be difficult to live in harmony with your brothers and sisters. The mere fact that you can’t agree with something can cause problems within the family.

According to research, culture plays an important role to the stability of a nation. Its religious belief and other common practices make it well-established. Without it, you can expect bickering and misunderstanding within the community.

Keeps Social Relationship Intact

Culture is also responsible for keeping social relationship intact. As mentioned above, it helps people live in harmony by means of developing the same practices. Aside from that, it also keeps the social relationship within the community intact. One way to keep it in place is by providing a number of checklists on which is allowed and which is not allowed in a community. One country has different checklists compared to another. Men and women should follow these lists in order to be accepted by the society. If not, then certain punishments will be given to those who do not follow the rules.

Countries have set rules based on their own culture. These rules allow people to cooperate in a group. In doing so, group life becomes a lot easier especially if there are less disobedient individuals within the community. Rules are usually made based on the practices of a country. However, some make innovations when needed. Culture plays an important role in teaching individuals how to think, act, and live as a part of a large group of people. A good community can always be traced back to a solid culture. Any community that has a wavering culture will easily fade away and be gone easily in an instant. On the other hand, one that is established is difficult to dismantle. Any culture that has been strengthened can withstand anything that would plan to destroy the social relationship of its society.

Makes Us Feel Accepted

In case you’ve felt like an outcast if you’ve been living in another country, then this is what culture provides to its locals. Culture makes people feel welcome, loved, and united. It allows people to live together without confusion or bickering with each other. In addition, it prevents mutual interference which is somehow the root cause of misunderstandings.

Culture should be valued not only for what it provides to the community, but also for what it prevents. As a person, we should value it as it is one of the discerning factors of who we are and how we live our lives. No matter where life brings us, we should always trace ourselves back to our roots. Doing so will give meaning to our life, especially if we are the type who value our history.

Overall, culture is important for a person to live a harmonious, fun, and exciting life. There’s nothing more exciting than living your practices and beliefs. A culture also brings out the best in people, especially those who are required to mingle with a large group of individuals.

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