Why Celebrity Status is Looked Upon

Most of us are consumed with fanaticism of being popular. Many individuals have dreamt of being a celebrity ever since childhood. For most people, a celebrity status is considered as one of the greatest achievements in life. All the glitter, glamour, and adoration make a person to dream of becoming an actor or actress in the future.

The life of a celebrity is always portrayed as something fun and excitement. At the same time, it’s also filled with intrigues, especially if you’re always on the spotlight. Being a celebrity isn’t easy. In fact, they would be willing to trade place with an average individual even for a day. So, why do a lot of people look up very highly at a celebrity status?

A celebrity is someone who attracts public fascination and influence. Usually, he is someone who’s wealthy, handsome, and very good at his chosen field. Anybody can be a celebrity as long as he is easily recognized by the general public for his works or sometimes for his mischief.

Actors and actresses are the most common celebrities known around the world. According to the studies, the average individual knows ten actors and one businessman. This ratio simply means that the celebrity status of a movie star is more popular than most of the business tycoons. In short, we know more actors and actresses than entrepreneurs. And this is factual, as we often watch movies and not business meetings.

How to Become a Celebrity

A person gets his celebrity status via hard work, dedication, passion, respect, and social consciousness. Before, a person became a celebrity when he worked hard in achieving his goals. He avoided intrigues, had social awareness, and was respected by a lot of people. He got on top of the competition while receiving public praise and recognition. He acquired recognition for all the good things he had done for the community and country. Celebrity status was also acquired when a person became an instrument to the success of other people. However, things have changed for a long time now with how people get the celebrity status.

Nowadays, any person can attain celebrity status because of the scandals he makes. Ladies go out of their car(s) without panties while the males wreck havoc on night clubs or casinos. As a result, they become popular because of the media exposures highlighting their mischief. Instead of being punished for their behavior, they’ve been rewarded with fame. This is why celebrity status nowadays seems void and worthless unlike back in the old days. You can easily become famous and talked-about once you’ve been involved in a huge scandal. Intrigues make a person famous today. You don’t have to work hard and be diligent just to be popular. All you need to do is break the law, do something stupid, pay for the consequences for a while and go out free as a celebrity. That’s all it takes to be a celebrity today.

Why We Crave for It

Most of us dream of becoming famous or attaining celebrity status because of one thing. Fame. It is a four letter word that can be quite tricky. If you’re chasing after it, then you’ll be surprised on what you’ll be doing just to get it.

We aspire for popularity because it also brings in wealth at the same time. Celebrities are usually rich aside from being famous. Money is something all of us need in order to live a good life. Being popular enables a person to earn more money than the usual. As a result, a lot of people crave to attain celebrity status. As a person, we need money in order to enjoy our needs and wants.

A celebrity also gets away with most stuff, or so they say. Most people pay a huge respect for celebrities that they don’t want to bother them. Have you ever wondered why a lot of people wouldn’t mind about the traffic as long as they see their favorite movie stars? Respect is something that makes us do anything in favor of another person. It’s also what fuels us to do whatever it takes just to please them. As an average person, it’s also one of the reasons why you want to become a celebrity. You want others to respect you.

Advantages of Being a Celebrity

Celebrity status brings in advantages and disadvantages. As a person, you’ll be receiving lots of favors from various people. You’ll also be getting gifts, letters, and threats from different individuals and groups. Being famous can be stressful, especially if you are someone who’s always the target of the media. However, it can also be one of the most exciting statuses to have in your life. Here are some of the advantages of being a celebrity.

  • Popularity – almost everyone knows who you are. Popularity as mentioned above brings respect and other advantages with it. If you are popular, most of the people you meet adore and respect you for who you are. In case you are good at maintaining your personality, you’ll have a good time enjoying your celebrity status. Be aware though that popularity always brings intrigue.
  • Money – celebrities are among the top people who make the most money in a yearly basis. Aside from entrepreneurs, celebrities are the group of people who are considered as rich. Being popular is a good thing especially if you want to make a lot of money out of it. Celebrities are basically good at advertising a product or service. In return for their services, they are rewarded with a huge amount of money. As an entrepreneur, being popular will allow you to make decent cash because of your popularity. Normally, it would be difficult for a person to make money out of advertisements. A celebrity on the other hand, earns a huge amount of cash with ease.
  • VIP Treatment – celebrities are usually accorded with VIP treatment almost anywhere they go. This is the reason why most of us dream of becoming like them. Almost all of us would love to be treated like royalties. Imagine going to a mall, bank, or a resort with all the special treatment. As a celebrity, you’ll always enjoy being the center of attention of an individual, partnership, or group of companies. If you’re dealing with a company, you can always expect good things to come your way. Unlike with average individuals, you get what you want quite easily.

We look upon celebrity status as a big deal because of all of the advantages we would receive from it. Although to most people it’s just a dream, the hopes of becoming a celebrity never dies as long as a person lives. We often dream about it, especially when we are having a difficult time in life. “If only I were a celebrity, I wouldn’t be in this position” is what we often mutter. Being a celebrity has its own share of huge responsibilities though. You can’t just be a careless celebrity as your popularity will vanish instantly. Keep in mind that for every huge achievement in life, there’s always a bigger responsibility. If you dream of something big, then work for it!

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