Importance of Relationship to You

Living peaceably with people around us is the most ideal setting that we should strive to maintain. A good relationship with everybody is very important to enjoy your life to the fullest. This is very much applicable into your relationship with your family, especially with your spouse and children. The kind of relationship with your loved ones depends on how you value your relationship with them. If you give it your top priority, it is manifested by your close association with them. The closer and deeper bonding will show how important relationship is to you.

Why It Is Important

You can’t live like a hermit forever. One way or another, life on this planet as a human being has something to do with interaction with others. You need this interpersonal relationship in order to survive and be happy. While there are isolated cases of living alone, this is not the norm of today’s daily living. Most of us live in groups or communities to sustain our livelihood and survival. We have our own families, circle of friends, associations or whatever. Our parents, spouses, children, relatives, officemates and other people are part of the group of personalities to deal with on a regular basis. We are practically surrounded by individuals who have their own concerns to communicate and interact with us without end. And the kind of relationship we maintain with them will affect our present and future decisions. Ultimately, the choices we adopted in our dealings will have a bearing on our life as an individual. If our relationship is not desirable, pain or heart break is common. However, we are happy when our relationship is good.

Here are some of the reasons why a good relationship is important to us.

  • It prolongs your life-if you want a longer happy life, then strive to have a good relationship with everybody, especially with your loved ones. A good intimate relationship with your spouse will seal your marriage until eternity comes. You’ll enjoy a stress-free lifestyle since a happy marriage will bring you joy that is good for your health. If you have a good bonding with your children, they will likewise strive harder to make good in their studies to please you. The same is applicable in your working relationship with co-employees. An ideal working relationship prevailing in the company will guarantee productivity from its workers. They will become efficient in their jobs because they are contented and happy.
  • It reduces stress-a fully satisfied person due to a happy relationship with his family is normally physically fit. Why? Because a good relationship reduces stress to the person enjoying it. Don’t get surprised why companies promote strong family bonding among its employees. It’s one of the ways to make their workers healthy, efficient and productive. A family that is grounded on a deeper relationship will most likely succeed in its goals. All members of the family would be free from the stress that comes from bad relationships.
  • It helps you to maintain good health-if you are free from stress brought about by poor relationships, definitely you are in the best of health. People who maintain good relationship with people from their homes up to their workplaces are not stressed out. Stress is not good for your health. It can cause you to become ill by having a high blood pressure or even suffer a heart attack. A broken relationship can make a person depressed that could lead to fatal decisions like suicide.
  • It’s a way to become prosperous-successful business persons normally have good working relationship with their customers. It is not only in their business that they maintain this beneficial interpersonal relationship, but in their homes too. When you have no enemies but friends only, selling your product or service is quite easy. Good sales lead to more profits and you become prosperous. Prosperity is always gauged in terms of money. It is looked at on how many good relationships have you forged with the people in your community.

What Is Relationship

The word relationship has many meanings. We shall confine our discussion of the term “relationship” as it refers to human social behavior. If we go by the term under sociology, it refers to three kinds of relationships. And these are interpersonal relationship, intimate relationship and ethical relationship. Below is an explanation of each term for further understanding.

  • Interpersonal relationship-this kind of relationship is the relationship between two or more individuals. It is characterized by a strong and a close or deep association. It could have a short or long lasting duration depending on the parties involved. A husband and wife can live for a few months and split afterwards. Others decide to stick together until the end no matter what. This kind of relationship is founded on love, solidarity, business interaction done regularly or other kinds of social commitments. It is created in the framework of social, cultural and other consequences. It varies from family or kinship relations, marriage, and friendship, working relationship, community interaction and even religious affiliations.
  • Intimate relationship-on the other hand, intimate relationship commonly refers to sexual relationship between two individuals. It involves physical intimacy which is characterized by sexual or romantic activity or passionate attachment to the person.  It normally infers sexual relationship euphemistically. This type of relationship is vital in every human experience. The general desire of an individual to be loved and belong to a group is met by intimate relationship. It is a vehicle that people are able to build a social network and form strong attachments on their emotions with others.
  • Ethical relationship-this term refers to the basic and trustworthy relationship that a person has to another individual. It is generally based on trust of the individual over the other for the common protection of the body of one another. A good example is the relationship between mother and child or the relationship between spouses. A mother would do everything to protect her child against any threat. The same applies to the common physical preservation of the wife by her husband when in danger. In ethical relationship, honesty is a major consideration in many instances.

How to make it work

A good relationship can thrive if both parties work their individual responsibilities. Below is a list of what every party should do to make wonders out of a relationship.

  • Take your individual responsibility- in a relationship; just remember that making you happy is not the sole responsibility of your partner. You must do your role also to make that happen.
  • Do what you have promised-don’t follow the saying that promises were made to be broken. Every word that you have committed to your partner should be performed. That’s your responsibility to the other party to make your relationship happy.
  • Be humble to admit your faults-if you are at fault, admit with humbleness your error. Nothing will diminish your personal status if you remain humble to accept mistakes. This is a good lesson to your partner to follow as you go on with your relationship.
  • Accept realities of life-don’t live in wonderland if that is not realistic in your situation. Accept the fact if your relationship is no longer workable. Disagreements are part of a relationship and if you want to stay longer, you should accept their realities and how to reconcile them.

The importance of relationship to a person is beyond question. His future is affected by the kind of relationship he maintains. It is essentially vital that we must value relationship and give its due importance.

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