How to Quit Smoking in 5 Easy Steps (or Less)

Kicking any habit is virtually impossible for a certain percentage of people, as the research proves. Once some habits are hard wired into the brain, replacing the deep trenches of old neural paths with new, more favorable to you in the longer run could prove close to impossible. It typically depends on how much kick you get from smoking and the moments you go for a smoke, as it normally just a gesture, which allows you to relax. Although smoking has been accurately portrayed as a killing habit across the States and European countries, the industry is doing greatly despite numerous bans on smoking in pubs, which caused smokers to move outside. The yearly sales figures continue to be staggering across the globe so the image of the earth engulfed in the cloud of cigarette smoke would be here an appropriate accompaniment. Sorry I can’t do graphic design.

How I Quit My Habits

What does NOT work:

  • strong willmemosnagging
  • anti smoking ads
  • Smoking friends- sorry guys
  • Hollywood outcry condemnation campaign

What actually works? Old habits die hard, but dying of cancer is even harder for the toughest of guys, right. Kicking the bucket is worse than kicking the habit, so what helped me eschew the notorious gesture of my arm reaching out for a cancer stick? You do not really have to hit the bottom as the cancer ward patient, but be wise about your choices. Ok here it goes. Grab the wisdom.

  • Make a resolution and stick to it
  • Accept life’s trials and tribulationsFind different types of pleasures
  • Remove the packs out of sight
  • Have fun by not having to change yourself

Are you too reliant on substance abuse that gives you the much welcome relief from stress? Habits are what they are, becoming the familiar territory which you tread over many a time every day, as you simply enjoy it. Even an attempt at introducing a change to the routine could be a downright failure. This is why you cannot afford to make too many attempts, just a single one to make your plan work out. Not having a plan is actually even better, as it allows you to wake up without having to focus on spending some extra effort. A resolution indeed is a part of the plan but if it is simply cleverly smuggled into your life, you may not notice when the change becomes you.

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