How Relationship Affects You

Most people regardless of their status in life are affected by their relationship with other people whom they interact with. Their families, friends, workmates, co-members in their churches and other individuals in their community have one way or another a significant effect even when their level of relationship is not desirable. A father who is not in good terms with his son could make him depressed at times. His thinking could be clouded with negative thoughts about his wayward child. Until he could patch up their relationship, the father remains listless and could even stress him out. If you are the son, would you not be affected by the situation? This is one situation how relationship affects you not only physically and emotionally, but spiritually as well.

Why Are You Affected

Your interpersonal relationship is affected when something is wrong between you and the other person dear to you. If you have a deep or strong relationship with him, a misunderstanding if not conciliated earlier could cause serious effect on your strong family bonding. It is therefore wise to hammer out the differences while the communication line is still open. Bigger forest fires are prevented when prompt action is taken. And the same thing is applicable in a sound relationship.

Initiating a dialogue and having an ear to listen are necessary actions to be taken before reacting harshly. A controlled emotion and avoidance of flaring up are the best tools that you need to repair a broken relationship. Love, understanding and humbleness are what you need if you want to succeed in restoring your relationship. If you fail, you’ll get to suffer the consequences of a ruined relationship.

No one is exempted from getting affected by a broken relationship. Every one of us has varied reactions to it. Infidelity, divorce, disagreements in workplaces, misunderstanding or even death can shake us and affect our future actions. And we need to be strong during these trying moments. We have to move on and remain on course to re-establish our relationship. However, there are relationships that may just complicate your life if restored. So, be wise and sort it out in your favor.

Reconcile Yourself First

If you are mending a broken heart due to a failed relationship, the first thing you should do is fix yourself. No one can do that except you. You have to teach yourself the realities of life. If you can’t restore a romantic relationship with your ex, then you should accept it. You can’t move on your full life if you keep on looking back. Until you can accept the truth that your ex won’t come back to you, the healing process can’t start. The problem is yourself and not on the other party. If you can’t move on, your soured relationship will keep hurting you whenever you entertain the thought about it.

It is wise to stay healthy being alone than get sick when you have a partner who stresses you out very often. While it is ideal to live romantically with someone, enjoying a full life alone is also possible. Living as a couple is not always fruitful if deeper relationship is lacking. Relationship must be a two way street. If will affect you negatively when the other party is not reciprocating the attention that you are giving.

Breathing Space Needed

When the negative effects of a soiled relationship is ganging up on you, learn to live day by day. Find a breathing space that will provide you the sanctuary to gain your strength. Do not think that the world is about to end. It’s not, bear in mind that difficulties and heartbreaks are part of your daily existence. What you need to do is try to survive the whole day and the next day again. How could you do this? Simply stay with the game. You will miss good opportunities if you decide to stay in the hole the whole day. You should practice taking a deep breath in order to regain your strength. You can bounce back again to life if your mind aims it.

Forget your previous relationship and keep moving on. When you are tempted to recall your intimate relationship with your past mate, try to divert your attention by going out with friends or watch a comical movie to busy yourself. Don’t allow yourself to go back where your relationship have put your self-esteem at very low level.

There may be instances when you can’t avoid thinking to get back to your old relationship. But always ask the question: does the happiness it brings outweigh the pains you suffer? Again, it is only you who would get affected by that relationship who can answer that.

Sorting It Out

It’s a difficult task to walk out and forget a previous relationship just like that. One way to close that chapter of your life totally is to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what really happened that the relationship brought more heartaches than happiness. Who added more salt to the wound that contributed more pain to the suffering heart? To do this, you need to talk to yourself and make a deal. This is vital before venturing into another relationship. You have to diagnose what happened with your previous relationship. Here are some of the guides to follow to find out the cause of the break up.

  • Identify the problems- make a recollection of the problems that cause your relationship to bog down to the point of irreparability. Perhaps your financial status is not yet suitable to live the lifestyle your partner is expecting from you. It could also involve your compatibility about your likes and dislikes or other matters that made you to separate ways.
  • List down the problems-list every problem you have experienced with your partner as you have remembered them. This will help you to go over them and remain in your memory for easy retrieval. You should remain honest with yourself when you make that list.
  • Lists down the ten most painful experiences-you should be honest when making these statements that narrate your painful remembrances about your relationship with your partner. With those statements, include your participation in every experience that contributed to the broken relationship. What are your responsibilities under those circumstances?
  • Options that you took during that relationship-before the relationship gone out of hand, you have made choices that you have availed. What are these options that contributed to the deterioration of your relationship?
  • Are you a good teacher-what kind of approach to relationship have you taught your partner? As you teach other people how to treat you, have you shown your partner the way to treat you fairly or badly?
  • What changes do you need-have you found something in your character that needs changes? Make a list of these changes. Being honest with yourself is the key in drawing up this listing. This will greatly help in your step forward to begin a new relationship.

It is always a great help if you will be honest with yourself in finding out what really went wrong with your relationship. This character is vital in maintaining our good interpersonal relationship with every person affecting our lives. When relationship fails, we are most affected by it as we ultimately suffer. Strive then to work out every relationship so you can live your life to the fullest.

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