How People Become Celebrities

Celebrities are people who have been on the spotlight because of what they’ve done to attract public recognition. Any person who aspires to become one should undergo a certain process to be recognized and branded as a celebrity. Although they are not perfect, they make the effort of helping the community to improve through various ideas. As a result, they are often hailed as good donors to the needy people of our society. Anyone can become a celebrity as long as they are recognized by the public for their profession.

As kids, we often look at celebrities as our heroes, especially our favorite actors and actresses. Normally, we consider them as our idols because of what they’ve done. Growing up, we often mimic their lines in the thought of becoming an actor one day. However, most of us end up with another career due of various reasons.

So, how does a person attain a celebrity status? Here’s how it was done back in the old days.

Traditional Ways of Becoming a Celebrity

Charlton Heston was one of the most famous actors back in the days because of his contribution to the movie industry. He became an actor because of his skills in acting. Before, anyone who’s interested in attaining a celebrity status can do so with diligence, hard work, and perseverance. In addition, he should be someone who upholds good deeds and social consciousness. He should be someone who respects the community and would never do anything to disgrace himself or his country. Overall, it’s a plethora of duties that will improve the community. In addition, what a person does for his community will also be repaid back once he attains celebrity status.

Celebrity status is often ascribed by the community. Back in the days, people were competitive and socially aware of what they are doing. They would judge a person if he has done something wrong. A scandal would penalize a person from what he enjoys in the spotlight. However, his good deeds are always praised and rewarded. This is how people valued a celebrity status back in the old days. Things are quite different nowadays though. In fact, it’s actually the opposite of all that’s been said in here.

In sports, athletes practice and play harder in order to be on the spotlight. They don’t brawl with other players just to be noticed by the media and the community. In fact, they stay out of fights to preserve the respect they get from the society. Although they may not be liked by the opposing teams, what matters most is that they are not hated. Athletes don’t pose naked just to be famous. They strive harder in becoming good at what they do for a living. As a result, they get the celebrity status that they want to acquire. Although this is how people get their celebrity status, not all of them love to be on the spotlight. Some players like Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs (NBA) love to go under the radar. While others are doing electrifying dunks here and there, Tim remains fundamental and silent. In addition, he doesn’t call out on other players. He’s one good example of a celebrity who isn’t really after all the fame and glitter of a celebrity status.

Modern-Day Celebrity Status

Anyone can be a celebrity nowadays as long as he has the guts to create his own scandals. Women can become leading ladies in a movie as long as they are willing to crawl out of their car with skimpy dresses. They can also be famous if they sleep with another famous male celebrity or sometimes, with a female. Wannabes are also making some fuss just to be noticed by the public. Overall, people look at celebrity status nowadays as some kind of trash. They don’t value it anymore. You can hear and see scandals all over the place from people who want to make it on the spotlight. Although there are still those who’ve made it because of the traditional efforts mentioned above, a lot of the celebrities are there because of scandals.

Despite the negative image celebrities have received these days, this is not applicable with all the celebrities. In fact, there are those who’ve made it because of hard work, dedication, and passion for what they want to do. Actors and actresses who’ve strived harder to be in their places today started from the bottom. They didn’t use the dirty tactics that are commonly used nowadays. In fact, there are movie personalities who avoid scandals. You can still find lots of good celebrities who aren’t sold out to the new ways of attaining celebrity status. In fact, only those with dying careers resort to scandals and mischief just to get back to their glory days.

The problem with people these days is that they are engulfed with the new images of celebrity status. In fact, people scrutinize actors and actresses who remain true to their craft. People brand them as traditional, old-style, and boring. Most people want to see skin in movies, commercial ads, and concerts nowadays. The old school practice of being conservative while being effective in your field is no longer being idolized.

Exceptional actors and actresses alike are having a hard time being recognized for their good acting. On the other end, stupid celebrities who are always caught on brothel fights and scandals are being recognized like household names. As a result, more and more people are doing bad things in the hope of becoming famous like most of the newcomers. Celebrity wannabes are committing immoral activities just to get the exposure they need. They don’t really care about social consciousness as long as they gain popularity.

Choose Your Path

As a person who wants to attain celebrity status, it’s up to you how you carve your own name. You can either go with the easy way of doing scandals or work hard until you reach the top. Either way, you’ll end up as a celebrity depending on the community. If they recognize your potentials, you can be a celebrity whether you choose the traditional or modern way to stardom.

Choosing your path can be quite tricky as picking the modern way is quite easier. In fact, it is a lot faster than the traditional approach to become a celebrity. However, it can be a trap at the same time as careers don’t usually make it a long term. In the end, people would’ve wished that they’ve done the right things to attain celebrity status. After all, there’s nothing easy in this world. Everything we want should be worked out harder in order to achieve them.

Overall, people become celebrities because of what they do to gain public recognition. Nowadays, it doesn’t really matter if you’re doing good or bad as long as people notice you. However, spotlight taken from wrong deeds is only temporary. If you want to stay on a secured pedestal as a celebrity, it would be best if you work your way to the top. It is better that you want to become a celebrity because of the respect, fame, and fortune they get, right? Losing it after a few months wouldn’t make sense after all.

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