How Do Cultures Affect Our Lives

Culture is what defines a person from one another. It affects the lives of each and every living person on earth. Basically, your daily living revolves around our cultures regardless of your nationality. In fact, you can’t choose your own language and practices. Culture decides it for you by the time you were born. In addition, culture is what you do and celebrate in life.

If there’s one thing that does a major impact on our lives, then it’s culture. You can be anywhere, but you can’t be where you are without it. Basically, you need it on your day to day existence. Culture affects our lives whether we like it or not. In a way though, it allows us to enjoy a better life as a person who’s trying to fit in a large society.

How You Live Your Life

First and foremost, culture plays a huge role in how you live your life. You can’t just live as a person without any cultural identity. Although we live our life according to our preferences, we still follow the rules and practices of our society. For example, Americans usually wake up in the morning to prepare their breakfast, shower, travel and go to work. Without culture, life would be redundant and meaningless without direction. With culture though, employees can enjoy a routine life by adding more spices into it. Employees can listen to their favorite music, eat local foods, and wear clothes that will distinguish their culture. It doesn’t have to be our own culture though as we can take a lot of different things from other cultures too. In fact, we normally do so on our daily living. We enjoy foods that aren’t originally ours. Listening to foreign music has been an interesting thing for the young people. Wearing clothes or any fashion that isn’t actually ours is now accepted by almost all people.

As mentioned above, every single one of us has his own way of living his life. Although that is true, we still follow a pattern on how we live our lives. We can’t just live our life randomly. We need to live under a culture so that we can live harmoniously with other people. This is why we can’t live without culture in our lives. Culture normally affects how we live our daily lives regardless of who we are.

Culture Sets Us Apart from One Another

Despite the popular belief that culture allows people to live harmoniously in a community, it also sets us apart from one another. Culture distinguishes us from each other to define our personality. If there were no differences, then there would be no thrill to life. Sometimes, there are those who love other culture more than their own one. You can’t blame them though, especially if they’ve been living in another country for a long period of time. Another reason why some choose other culture is because they live their lives better with it.

If we are the same with one another, then there’s no point in making a name for yourself. We can be like chickens who share almost all of the same distinguishing factors. As a result, it’s hard to define who you are from the other person. Culture affects our lives by allowing us to set a standard for ourselves so that we won’t be the same with other individuals.

Culture Allows Us to Live Peacefully

Humans also have the capability to live peacefully with one another. One of the best ways to do so is by sharing the same culture. As Americans, we have the Western culture which allows us to share similar likes and dislikes, practices, and beliefs. The same thing is true with other cultures all around the world. Despite the fact that we get some things from other cultures, we still come back to our roots at the end of the day. In short, we still value and practice our own culture regardless of the fact that we borrow other country’s culture from time to time.

Living peacefully has always been possible when we share the same culture. Aside from the fact that people share the same beliefs and practices in life, there’s no bickering inside the community. When we share the common ground, there are not many reasons to fight over something. However, when we start on a different foot, it’s quite easy for people to misunderstand one another. This is why culture is important in helping us prepare ourselves for a group life.

Affects Our Taste for Food

Culture also plays an important role to our diet. People eat in order to fuel our body for whatever things we intend to do. If gasoline is for cars, food is for the human body to perform at its best. Culture affects our taste or preference for food. If you are from the Middle East, perhaps foods such as hummus, tahini, falafel, and baklawa are among your favorite ones. Although we can always adjust to what we eat, it would be difficult to change our diet. Culture affects our daily lives by what we eat. It would be difficult to go to work if we don’t eat a full meal. One way to do so is to consume something that is familiar to our taste. Although we can always eat food from other culture, eating our native dishes would still be the most satisfying meal we’ll ever have.

Culture Affects Our Music

Although you live in America, you might still want to hear European music because they appeal more to your taste. As a result, you easily go into a good mood when you hear the type of music you want. This will lighten up your day which is a good head start regardless of what you do. Music is important to many people. In fact, you can tell a person’s personality based on the music he listens to.

Helps Us Blend In

Culture also allows people to blend in the society. If you want to mingle easily, then wear the clothes people are wearing in the community. You should also speak the language if you don’t want too much attention. Always remember that language is a part of a culture. Our action can also be traced to our culture. Most of the Asians bow their heads to show respect to other people. You can easily spot a Japanese from an American not only for their skin color, language, and physical features, but also due to their cultural actions. In fact, handshakes and tipping of the hat are also practices that we do to show respect to other people. Although we have different practices, these help when we blend with other individuals in our society. It simply differentiates people from one another. You can easily tell if a person is from the West or East according to the language that he uses when conversing with other people.

Culture affects our lives in almost every way. In fact, it always has something to do with everything in our life. From religion to food, we can trace it all to our culture. As a person, all we can do is to love our own culture and pay respect to what we value, practice, and believe.

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