Become a Little Wild in Your Attitude

While going slightly mad takes some personal courage you may never regret it despite what the world might be telling you. It is no wonder that people prefer to watch how the others do cracked things on their behalf and split one’s sides at their expense, but sometimes it could give you immense relief from self imposed barriers or the world-imposed demands that are placed on you every day.

Wild Goose Chase

The idea of a flash mob would work if you gather up enough strength to expose your silly side, otherwise unacceptable to the public. When you hail from a small town you know the groove. You best be as perfect as can be or else you break some unspoken rules to torment you by making you the target of venomous poison of gossip. Therefore the strategy to offend people’s tastes should be a clever one so that you do not get arrested for tresspassing the norms. The norms are to be respected, anyone would tell you. Also you making some inane choices will be seen as your choices, more silly than funny. It is best if your performance carried a sort of message which would give you the edge of moving you online and gaining notoriety through inspiration which lasts. You are entitled after all to your 5 minutes of stardom just like anyone else you know who has made it somehow.

Crossing the Line

Most people do not want to be bugged when going about their business so if you place a cameraman to give it some air of seriousness and add the antics later, it could save you skin if the onlookers deduce you are taking them for a ride, especially if you are on your own and about to see the real face of the town. While testing people for honesty has typically brought the unpleasant results, choose to steer clear from any experiments that could cause you super discomfort. But you have to be ready for super discomfort with this experience when you expose your silly side and leave it for people to assess. Inanity does not rank high on everyone’s wish list, so make sure you deliver with your message and wake up the town with you call. If you are feeling that hitting the town is a misguided attempt, just give it a go within a smaller community to see how it goes and then move it forward. If you succeed and get featured on the front page of the local magazine do not hold your breath, the criticism will come and it will be hard enough to blow into your face. Even any aspiring performance author can expect that to happen at any time.

All in all, go for a ride of your lifetime.

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