How Do Cultures Affect Our Lives

Culture is what defines a person from one another. It affects the lives of each and every living person on earth. Basically, your daily living revolves around our cultures regardless of your nationality. In fact, you can’t choose your own language and practices. Culture decides it for you by the time you were born. In addition, culture is what you do and celebrate in life.

If there’s one thing that does a major impact on our lives, then it’s culture. You can be anywhere, but you can’t be where you are without it. Basically, you need it on your day to day existence. Culture affects our lives whether we like it or not. In a way though, it allows us to enjoy a better life as a person who’s trying to fit in a large society.

How You Live Your Life

First and foremost, culture plays a huge role in how you live your life. You can’t just live as a person without any cultural identity. Although we live our life according to our preferences, we still follow the rules and practices of our society. For example, Americans usually wake up in the morning to prepare their breakfast, shower, travel and go to work. Without culture, life would be redundant and meaningless without direction. With culture though, employees can enjoy a routine life by adding more spices into it. Employees can listen to their favorite music, eat local foods, and wear clothes that will distinguish their culture. It doesn’t have to be our own culture though as we can take a lot of different things from other cultures too. In fact, we normally do so on our daily living. We enjoy foods that aren’t originally ours. Listening to foreign music has been an interesting thing for the young people. Wearing clothes or any fashion that isn’t actually ours is now accepted by almost all people.

As mentioned above, every single one of us has his own way of living his life. Although that is true, we still follow a pattern on how we live our lives. We can’t just live our life randomly. We need to live under a culture so that we can live harmoniously with other people. This is why we can’t live without culture in our lives. Culture normally affects how we live our daily lives regardless of who we are.

Culture Sets Us Apart from One Another

Despite the popular belief that culture allows people to live harmoniously in a community, it also sets us apart from one another. Culture distinguishes us from each other to define our personality. If there were no differences, then there would be no thrill to life. Sometimes, there are those who love other culture more than their own one. You can’t blame them though, especially if they’ve been living in another country for a long period of time. Another reason why some choose other culture is because they live their lives better with it.

If we are the same with one another, then there’s no point in making a name for yourself. We can be like chickens who share almost all of the same distinguishing factors. As a result, it’s hard to define who you are from the other person. Culture affects our lives by allowing us to set a standard for ourselves so that we won’t be the same with other individuals.

Culture Allows Us to Live Peacefully

Humans also have the capability to live peacefully with one another. One of the best ways to do so is by sharing the same culture. As Americans, we have the Western culture which allows us to share similar likes and dislikes, practices, and beliefs. The same thing is true with other cultures all around the world. Despite the fact that we get some things from other cultures, we still come back to our roots at the end of the day. In short, we still value and practice our own culture regardless of the fact that we borrow other country’s culture from time to time.

Living peacefully has always been possible when we share the same culture. Aside from the fact that people share the same beliefs and practices in life, there’s no bickering inside the community. When we share the common ground, there are not many reasons to fight over something. However, when we start on a different foot, it’s quite easy for people to misunderstand one another. This is why culture is important in helping us prepare ourselves for a group life.

Affects Our Taste for Food

Culture also plays an important role to our diet. People eat in order to fuel our body for whatever things we intend to do. If gasoline is for cars, food is for the human body to perform at its best. Culture affects our taste or preference for food. If you are from the Middle East, perhaps foods such as hummus, tahini, falafel, and baklawa are among your favorite ones. Although we can always adjust to what we eat, it would be difficult to change our diet. Culture affects our daily lives by what we eat. It would be difficult to go to work if we don’t eat a full meal. One way to do so is to consume something that is familiar to our taste. Although we can always eat food from other culture, eating our native dishes would still be the most satisfying meal we’ll ever have.

Culture Affects Our Music

Although you live in America, you might still want to hear European music because they appeal more to your taste. As a result, you easily go into a good mood when you hear the type of music you want. This will lighten up your day which is a good head start regardless of what you do. Music is important to many people. In fact, you can tell a person’s personality based on the music he listens to.

Helps Us Blend In

Culture also allows people to blend in the society. If you want to mingle easily, then wear the clothes people are wearing in the community. You should also speak the language if you don’t want too much attention. Always remember that language is a part of a culture. Our action can also be traced to our culture. Most of the Asians bow their heads to show respect to other people. You can easily spot a Japanese from an American not only for their skin color, language, and physical features, but also due to their cultural actions. In fact, handshakes and tipping of the hat are also practices that we do to show respect to other people. Although we have different practices, these help when we blend with other individuals in our society. It simply differentiates people from one another. You can easily tell if a person is from the West or East according to the language that he uses when conversing with other people.

Culture affects our lives in almost every way. In fact, it always has something to do with everything in our life. From religion to food, we can trace it all to our culture. As a person, all we can do is to love our own culture and pay respect to what we value, practice, and believe.

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Why Culture is Important

A person can be easily identified because of his practices. One way to tell the nationality of a person is by checking out his cultural beliefs. Culture is anything that you do on a daily basis that describes you as a person. In short, it’s a way of life that is established on beliefs and values. It can be anything from religion, cuisine, to music. It’s always associated with a country or a group of people.

The importance of culture was recognized since the early centuries. Our forefathers developed practices that would later on differentiate or define them from other societies. As a person, we have our own differences and similarities based on our culture. As Americans, we share the same practices and likes in music with the other Americans. The same thing goes with the people in the East. Japanese and Chinese somehow have similar cultures. Although they aren’t exactly the same, Japan and China have some similarities with their practices. They both use chop sticks while sharing almost the same type of music. This is why they are included in the Eastern culture.

Culture is important because of many reasons. As a person, you have to live your social life to your advantage. It’s quite difficult for any person to succeed in life without sharing similarities with other people. In fact, a successful career can be elusive if you don’t know how to live within a culture.

Serves as a Reminder

Culture is essential as it serves as a reminder to us on where we are from. Without culture, it would be difficult to define a person’s roots. Individuals and groups of people will always remember their origins as long as they have culture. Anyone who’s happy about his culture will definitely love bringing it with him even if he goes abroad. Culture allows people to remember his country and practices even if he has been living in foreign lands. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been to another country as long as you value your culture. Normally, it will allow you to trace back yourself to your roots. Any person who has forgotten things about his origin should look at his practices.

Culture has many ways of reminding a person of his roots. Food and religion are the best reminders. People who are in other countries can still practice their usual habits by eating the same foods and going to a church of the same religion. It doesn’t really matter where you are as long as you still do your practices and beliefs. The same thing goes with social habits. You can still practice them with the people you know. It may look or feel quite awkward, but people will understand. It’s because it’s been your practice for a long period of time. After all, every one of us has his own social habits and practices.

People who are in other countries will feel at home when they practice their culture. Isn’t it heart warming every time you hear people talking in your language? Normally, it makes people feel at home. The same thing is true with cuisine, music, arts, literature, and other common cultural practices.

Overall, anything you do that is practiced in your culture serves as a reminder to who you are and where you are from. Doing so will make you value your origin regardless of your new location.

Allows People to Live in Harmony

People who live in a society with different practices and opinions would find it difficult to live peacefully. However, individuals or groups of people who share the similar views and practices in life can live in harmony. A peaceful community can only be attained if the people share the same practices and beliefs. One way to do so is to have one culture. If not, then there will be chaos all over the place.

Culture allows people to live together and build their own community. Unlike with animals, humans need culture to help them prepare and live for group life. As mentioned above, it’s difficult for any person to live a solitary life. Aside from the fact that it’s quite difficult to become successful with your career, it’s important in regulating his conduct when it comes to living within a group of people. Without culture, it would even be difficult to live in harmony with your brothers and sisters. The mere fact that you can’t agree with something can cause problems within the family.

According to research, culture plays an important role to the stability of a nation. Its religious belief and other common practices make it well-established. Without it, you can expect bickering and misunderstanding within the community.

Keeps Social Relationship Intact

Culture is also responsible for keeping social relationship intact. As mentioned above, it helps people live in harmony by means of developing the same practices. Aside from that, it also keeps the social relationship within the community intact. One way to keep it in place is by providing a number of checklists on which is allowed and which is not allowed in a community. One country has different checklists compared to another. Men and women should follow these lists in order to be accepted by the society. If not, then certain punishments will be given to those who do not follow the rules.

Countries have set rules based on their own culture. These rules allow people to cooperate in a group. In doing so, group life becomes a lot easier especially if there are less disobedient individuals within the community. Rules are usually made based on the practices of a country. However, some make innovations when needed. Culture plays an important role in teaching individuals how to think, act, and live as a part of a large group of people. A good community can always be traced back to a solid culture. Any community that has a wavering culture will easily fade away and be gone easily in an instant. On the other hand, one that is established is difficult to dismantle. Any culture that has been strengthened can withstand anything that would plan to destroy the social relationship of its society.

Makes Us Feel Accepted

In case you’ve felt like an outcast if you’ve been living in another country, then this is what culture provides to its locals. Culture makes people feel welcome, loved, and united. It allows people to live together without confusion or bickering with each other. In addition, it prevents mutual interference which is somehow the root cause of misunderstandings.

Culture should be valued not only for what it provides to the community, but also for what it prevents. As a person, we should value it as it is one of the discerning factors of who we are and how we live our lives. No matter where life brings us, we should always trace ourselves back to our roots. Doing so will give meaning to our life, especially if we are the type who value our history.

Overall, culture is important for a person to live a harmonious, fun, and exciting life. There’s nothing more exciting than living your practices and beliefs. A culture also brings out the best in people, especially those who are required to mingle with a large group of individuals.

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What is Culture

If you’ve been to various countries, perhaps you were surprised how different almost everything is from your place. You may have wondered why people eat chicken intestines in some parts of Asia when people in America think it’s gross. Perhaps you’ve also been amazed how good Italians are when it comes to pizzas and pastas. Or maybe you were quite uncomfortable with the practice of men kissing other men just like in Saudi Arabia.

Culture is the characteristics of the people living in a country. This is determined by their language, cuisine, music, arts, social habits, religion, and other things. Basically, it defines all the aspects in your life. It can be anything from our favorite music to the foods we eat. Normally, you aren’t unaware of what culture is. As parents, we don’t usually teach our children about culture. We teach them how to eat, sing, dance, talk, and socialize just like everyone else in our community. Although we don’t train them about culture, they get it because it’s what we practice in our daily life.

Changes in Culture

Back in the olden days, culture was purely shared around by the people who were living in the country or a place. Most of them enjoyed what was there in their areas. However, with the growing economy and the need for international commerce, culture changed or innovations were introduced. Whether we like it or not, our culture is no longer the old one that our great ancestors were practicing back in their periods. Normally, we would resist changes to preserve our local culture. However, things don’t go our way because of several factors. Among these are natural events and social structures. Although the previous one can’t be prevented, the latter depends on the people. If people are open to changes or do not resist at all, then there will be innovation in a culture. A culture doesn’t have to be changed or improved in order to be great. In fact, we don’t look at a culture as something great or bad. It’s what we have as a citizen of a particular country. Basically, it’s what we’ve enjoyed since childhood. So making some changes will affect it at some point.

Culture is what determines a person from one another. You can tell if someone is from America, Europe, or Asia judging by his culture. Let’s take a look at some of the popular cultures of the world.

Latin Culture

Considered as one of the oldest cultures in the world, the Latin culture makes up the Spanish-speaking nations. Spain and the countries of South America are among the famous places when it comes to Latin culture. The Latin culture encompasses everything from religious beliefs, music, art, literature, cuisine, history and social awareness. Within the culture, people practice holidays and special observance according to their religious beliefs. Usually, the religion of Latin culture is Catholicism. However, there is now a growing number of other denominations in various countries.

Western Culture

When it comes to Western culture, people are quite familiar with the practices especially if you are from European countries or America. The culture is heavily influenced by the European immigrants who visited America in the early centuries. You can easily differentiate it from the others by looking at their cultural form of music, painting, photography, dance, literature, and architecture. In addition, the religion in western culture is also different from the others. The western culture also shares Catholicism as a part of its religion because of the involvement of Rome on some parts of Europe in the early centuries. Christianity isn’t the only religion in the West though as Islam also came to Europe because of the merchants back in the days. Overall, it is a mixture of religious beliefs although most of it was focused on Christianity. The sports of the West were also different from the other cultures. Basketball, football, and soccer are the three most popular sports within the western culture.

Eastern Culture

Japan, China, Vietnam, Philippines, and Indonesia are some of the countries that share and practice eastern culture. Unlike with most cultures, they have the most intriguing culture among the rest. Just like with the others though, the East was also influenced by religion in the early centuries. In fact, religion was a big deal why there was cultural innovation in the first place. International commerce as well as invasions by various countries including Spain, America and Great Britain were the reasons for the cultural changes. As a result, some of the countries in the East practice Catholicism and Islam. However, China, Japan, and other countries were strictly focused on their religious beliefs. Unlike with the other cultures, the East has the most number of religions as compared with the others. In fact, India, China, and Japan do not share the same religions or beliefs. You can find Buddhism, Shintoism, Islam, and Catholicism all within one country. This is how widely religion has spread into the East because of the early invasions of various countries. In some countries, this can be a big deal. However, most of the countries in the East have embraced various religious beliefs for the benefit of the people living in their communities. As a practice though, people should respect each other’s beliefs to avoid conflicts within their society. Music, arts, language, and other cultures are also different from one another.

Middle Eastern Culture

Similar with the other cultures, religion is the pillar or stronghold of their societies. Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran are some of the famous countries in the Middle East. When it comes to culture, they have a strong religious belief which is quite difficult to penetrate. This is the reason why the majority of the religions in the Middle East are still Islam. However, there are now growing numbers of Christianity in the place. The Middle Eastern culture can also be defined by its cuisine aside from its religion. The people love spices which they usually use on most of their dishes. If you love eating foods with lots of spices, then you’ll probably love a tour of the Middle East.

African Culture

The African culture is divided into two parts or culture known as North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. It is then divided into the number of tribes and ethnic groups all over the continent. Africa has its own fair share of culture. However, cultural innovation is quite difficult in the place because of the environment, especially on the Sub-Saharan Africa. If not for the harsh environment, this part can also enjoy what other nations are enjoying with their cultures. The African culture has its own arts, music, literature, cuisine, and other practices. When it comes to religion, they are mostly Islamic because of the great contribution of Islam to the continent.

Culture plays an important part in our life. It’s what defines and differentiates us from other people. Without it, we’re just somebody who doesn’t have a national identity. It’s always good to belong to a society that you accept and love. As human beings, we should do our best to preserve our culture so that the next generation will enjoy them just as we did.

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