Tips and Warnings for Being Mysterious

It is not surprising why you might want to become mysterious. That quality can have some advantages to it. The most important advantage that it has is that it allows you to become more attractive to the opposite sex. To help you out in becoming more mysterious, here are some tips and warnings that you ought to keep in mind.

Tips for Becoming Mysterious

There are some things that you should keep in mind when you are trying to be mysterious. One of those is that you should never reveal too much. When you’re talking with another person for example, you should not reveal too much information right away. Just give them enough answer when they are asking questions just to be polite and even when you do, you should try to be as evasive as you can. When you tell others a lot about yourself, that leaves little room for mystery.

If people keep on asking you if you are alright, then you might be doing something wrong there. You might be making yourself look sad or sick not mysterious and that is not good at all. You might have to rethink your strategy then.

Don’t be obvious about enjoying your own mysterious aura. If you do that people would realize that you’re just putting on a show. You do not want that to happen. You want mystery to be a natural part of your character, something that you are. Try showing up on places at exactly the same time on a regular basis. That would make other people wonder about why you are doing that.

Warnings for Becoming Mysterious

There are certain things that you have to be on the lookout when you want to become mysterious. For example, it is easy to confuse being mysterious with being absent minded. The latter can be frustrating to other people. You should also know when it is appropriate to share something about yourself. You should not just let the other person talk about their whole lives without giving something of your own. People would find it hard to connect with you, if they don’t have any information about your life.

Don’t try to act as if you know better. Being condescending to others is also a no-no because people would hate talking to you. Just let them know when you do not agree with what they are saying without being disrespectful.

Keep in mind that being mysterious does not mean that you must be rude to others. In fact it would be better if you would be taking on a respectful tone with everyone that you talk to. That would surprise people and it would make them want to know more about you. You just have to know how to limit the things that you would be saying to others.

These are just some of the warnings that you ought to keep in mind when you want to become more mysterious. All these tips should help you out in achieving that aim.

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Being Mysterious to Be Attractive

Being mysterious has certain advantages to it. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it can do things for you. By being mysterious, people would be guessing a great deal about you and they would want more information that they can get. You should be ready to take advantage of the aura of mystery that you are creating for yourself.

Sometimes being mysterious can be seen as dangerous by others or they might just think that you are acting holier than though. But if you play things right, you can be mysterious and interesting at the same time. You can take away the menace from your mystery and you would just leave others wanting to know more about you.

Here are some ways that you can become mysterious.

Don’t Tell All

When you meet other people and you are thrown in conversation with them, try to reveal little about yourself as much as you can. If you go out on a first date for example, don’t recount your life story specially if there are some things that are not so nice in your story. Telling too much can turn off others and that might scare them into thinking that they are obliged to tell their life stories as well.

Be Confident

Being mysterious means that you do not feel the need to make up for the conversation if it falls into silence. If you both run out of things to say then you should be able to let that silence stay unless you feel a real need to say something new. You should use the period of silence to amplify the things that you have already shared.

Don’t Offer Information Just to Have a Conversation

You have to value the information about yourself and share it as little as possible. If you are up ready to offer personal information just so you can fill in the silence then you would lose all mystery. The other person would see that there is really no mystery about your person at all and that you are just an ordinary guy or girl. If someone asks information about you, try to be sparing in your answer. Be polite but try to be evasive when you can. That would give you more mystery.

Don’t Offer Details

Sometimes people provide too much detailed information about themselves and that is always a drawback. Try not to provide details about anything that is connected with you when you are talking with others. Just let them guess.

Be Calm

A confident person has a clam exterior. You should learn how to be calm no matter how chaotic your surroundings are. People would then have a hard time figuring you out. They would be left wondering as to what it is that makes you function.

The Eye Contact

There is a lot that we can do when it comes to the eye contact. You have to learn how to hold it when you want to and you should also know when you want to establish that you don’t others to know more about you.

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How to Become Attractive to the Opposite Sex

For a great number of people today, the major concern is how to attract the opposite sex. Girls and guys are wishing that they have some clue as to what the opposite sex are thinking so they can plan their moves. The good news is that you need not to do any guesswork at all. There are proven ways of attracting others to you in a romantic way.

To help clear out this mystery for you, here are some of the ways that you can attract the opposite sex.

Dress Appropriately

The way that we dress determines whether we would be attracting members of the opposite sex to us. When you go out, you have to pick the right kind of clothes for the occasion. You are not going to impress anyone if you insist on wearing old and frayed clothes. Pick the right thing to wear for the occasion. If you are going to a club, you should wear something right for it. The clothes that you wear would say a great deal about your personality.

Know More

People are attracted by what we know as well. It helps to know a little about everything instead of knowing a great deal on a single subject. People who are obsessed on their hobbies for example would seem uninteresting and dull to others who do not share their passion. They would be unable to talk of anything else simply because their knowledge is rather narrow. Try to know more about things that people are generally interested in. Music for example is a great topic to discuss with people that you have just met. It can also be a great opportunity to discuss the latest with others.

Learn to Disagree When You Really Do

One important thing to become attractive in the eyes of other people is when you can stand up and say that you disagree. You can do this without being a jerk. You can listen to what the other person is saying and just tell them that you see things differently. You can then explain to them why you think or feel that way. That would make you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex because you know yourself well enough to have your own views.

Appreciate Their Humour

Another good way of drawing members of the opposite sex is by appreciating the kind of humour that they have. Now this might be tricky, don’t try to force a laugh if you find that all of their jokes are corny. That just means that you do not have the same sense of humour. You might want to think twice about sticking with that person since you might be stuck with a person that you find to be corny for a while. But laughing at their jokes can surely make you attractive to the opposite sex.

Be Unique

You should come up and develop your own style, something that would be unmistakably you. That is sure to make you even more desirable in the eyes of the members of the opposite sex.

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Becoming a Bold Person

Boldness is a quality that a lot of people would like to have. Some believe that if only they have it that their lives would be a lot better. Boldness is the quality that allows a person to seize an opportunity the moment that it presents itself without having to think about it.

Would you like to become bolder? It might not be an easy process but there are steps that you can take so that you can become bolder. Here are some of those steps that you can take in order to become bolder:

Act as if You Are Bold Already

One of the best ways that you can become bold is by acting as if you are bold already. You should find out how bold people act and do the same thing. Just think of the people that you know who are not timid or shy. How would they act in certain situations? Once you have answered that, you can follow their actions. You might commit some mistakes but that should just be okay. As long as you keep doing it you would eventually become used to acting that way.

Act First

In certain situations you might feel some hesitation in making the first move. In situations like that you have to be bold and act fast. Take the initiative and not let your hesitation get the best of you. By doing so you would feel rewarded later. The feeling of taking the first move should be enough reward for you to feel good about yourself.

Try Something Out of Character

People who are bold are not afraid to try something different. If you want to develop boldness as a trait then try doing something that is out of the ordinary for you. Do something that is unpredictable for your character. Surprise yourself and the people who know you. Once you get used to doing things that are out of character for you then you would be able to make decisions that are bolder.

Go for What You Want

One of the major qualities of bold people is that they know what they want and they go for it. They do not let other people get in the way. You have to develop this trait. Study the things that you want and then go for it. Do not hesitate when you are asking for it from other people. Bold persons know that they have the right to get what they want. As long as you are not intruding other people’s rights then go for it.

Accept Risks

This does not mean that you have to be reckless. Learning how to accept risks mean that you have studied the situation and the chances of your success are greater than your failure. You know the risks that you would be taking are going to be worth the trouble.

Becoming bold is not going to happen overnight especially if you have lived a timid life up until then, but it can happen, if you just know how to follow the right steps.

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