Benefits of a Good Relationship

Relationship is a make or break in a person’s life. A failed marriage could spell disaster to many if not handled properly. Others who have managed to stay with each other despite the odds in their marriage life emerged victoriously and remained as spouses forever. It’s not only the husband and wife who benefit from it, but the entire family as well. A good interpersonal relationship does not only bring joy and happiness, but is also productive. It will definitely spice up your life to strive harder in order to succeed.

Ticket into Longer Life

Most of us would wish to live longer and who would not. Despite the seemingly unending daily struggle, we would prefer to lengthy life in this world. And there are several ways to achieve it. One is to stay healthy for the rests of your life. How to remain physically fit against the daily stress and pressure of day to day existence should be one of your objectives. A good relationship at home is one of the ways to stay away from stress. If we’re happy with our family, it contributes to our health fitness.

On the other hand, a stress-filled working environment is also a threat to our good health. One cause of work related pressures is our working relationship with other people. If we don’t have a pleasant dealing with individuals related to our job, then we have a problem at hand. And we should address it at once, so that our health would not be affected. Happiness is best enjoyed when people around us are also smiling. Our joy is not complete if some people are not happy with us. This affects us greatly when that person is closely related with us.

A stress-filled day is best handled if we have a good interpersonal contacts with the people around us. We can relieve from the stress of our daily work by interacting with them. The burden is shared and is not too heavy to carry. We can seek relief from the comforts extended by the caring relationship we have with those persons that we closely interact. A deeper and closer relationship is a way to achieve longer life as we have confidence that people around us would readily give their support.

It Is a Stress-buster

Daily living is full of stress which could make you sick and tired of it. You have to deal with family problems like soiled relationships and finances. It’s normal that when difficulties strike, the family relationship would be tested and shaken. In your job you have to handle the pressures of your work that could come from your co-workers, superiors and even customers. In order to battle this out, you need stress-busters to keep your sanity in-place. A good relationship can keep you afloat and win the game for good.

You can always remain on top of the situation in your home if you have a good interpersonal relationship with your wife and children. No amount of family problems could overcome a solid, deep and close relationship among its members. Every family member will contribute to the solution of your problem if you have an ideal family relationship. The burden is lighter and you can smile despite the difficulties you are experiencing. This is because you know they are solidly behind you.

Work-related stress is also not a problem to a worker who maintains a better working relationship in his job. He can readily address the problem because of the close association with the persons he is working with. This problem is different if the situation is reverse. A poor working relationship is fatal to an operation in your workplace. It breeds more problems if not addressed properly and on time.

It Contributes To Productivity

Generally, a person who is happy in his relationship with other people is contented. As a result, he works efficiently and becomes more productive. If you have a good relationship at home or at the office in most likelihood you’ll end up successful in every goal that you aim at. You are inspired to do more. You become effective in your workplace thus encouraging others to do the same. Happiness and contentment in your work emanates from an inner feeling of full satisfaction from your relationship with other people. It motivates you to become productive in your work. It also induces your mind to think positive and becomes creative.

There’s a study that a bigger smile in your high school yearbook could mean a very happy marriage when you settle down. A happy marriage relationship makes up a close knit family relationship. And as we all know for a fact that when every member of your family is happy, each member becomes productive either in school, in home or in workplace or business. If we are all productive, the nation prospers as a whole.

Features of a Good Relationship

A good interpersonal, intimate or ethical relationship is an intangible asset to a person who knows how to maintain it. It does not only make him healthy, but prosper the person with the good relationship he maintains in the community. Find out if you are having a good relationship with the people around you. Below is a guide that you can follow to determine if your relationship is a good one.

  • The Element of Trust-the very foundation of every good relationship is trust. Do you have it in your relationship? If you lack trust, then your relationship is bound to fail. Put trust in it to make it work.
  • Is there Mutual Respect-Does your partner respect your thoughts in any subject or vice versa? If you don’t have mutual respect, even a very small issue will cause a big division between you and your spouse. Mutual respect is vital to develop a healthy relationship with people inside or outside of your house.
  • Do You Mind What You Say? Perform your every commitment and do what you say. Remain true to your words by your deeds. Control your negative emotions so that others who see you won’t get affected.
  • Be open-minded-when your opinion is not in agreement with the people you interact with, don’t force it down their necks. Listen to their opinions and be open-minded so as not to offend them. If you persist in colliding with their thoughts, in most likelihood your relationship will suffer.
  • Open To Discussion-don’t close your doors to discuss disagreements. Always open your communication lines so that anything could be possibly rectified and mended. If your relationship has no provision for this important feature, it will be definitely hard to restore.

We all strive to live a happy and longer life. Aside from this objective, we also want to improve our lot and experience success. And one of the ways to achieve these goals is by having a good relationship. We need to maintain our interpersonal, intimate and ethical relationship with the people around us at a desirable level that could make us happy and fully contented.

It is not very difficult to do it. You just need to have love, understanding and a humble heart to accomplish it. Start building a good interpersonal relationship with your family, co-worker and other individuals that you have to deal with. And you’ll experience how beneficial a good relationship is.

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